The Northman

The Northman ★★★½

I feel very similar about The Northman as I do about Robert Eggers’ other films: really good, but stuff I just struggle to fully connect to. I will say, though, I think this might be my favorite of his? 

I loved a ton of moments in here, but there was also some stuff that felt kinda repetitive as we got to the film’s climax. The performances are committed from start to finish; uniquely intense work from everyone involved. The story’s utterly brutal, but still somewhat familiar. Reminded me of a more thematically-potent, but less action-y 300 (if that makes any sense). 

I will say, I feel like it’ll endure with me, mostly because those last ten minutes are unbelievably epic and moving. You could feel the harsh blows, the animalistic anger, and the sacrifice that our main characters had to make (and whether those sacrifices were the right ones to make, in the end). 

All in all, I had a surprisingly good time with The Northman. It’s a kind of Viking-Hamlet amalgam, that can feel fairly repetitive, but delivers quite a powerful punch in those final minutes. Had a good time!

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