Luca ★★★★★

Dear lord i've never thought i would cry as hard with a disney movie as i cried in this one (idk what's with me and watching movies that make me cry hard at 3 am) . "Luca" is probably one of the most beautiful children movies I've ever seen and one of disney's best creations,as it shows a message about acceptance written in such a touching and beautifully way. And let's not forget about the choice of a new art style that I've never seen Disney do before, also loved that. The characters are so enjoyable and full of light, it's almost impossible for you to dislike them but I especially took a liking and identified myself with Alberto as he may look and act confident in from of others when in reality, and deep down, he's a loner and feels like he's a bother for his friends and family.
Overall congratulations disney, I never liked your movies that much but i gladly and respectfully take off my hat for this one!