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  • The Human Condition
  • Yi Yi
  • Happy as Lazzaro
  • Millennium Actress

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  • Hard Boiled


  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


  • Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway


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  • Day 13

    Day 13


    This was a 3D movie with no story, acting or directing
    Also does all the 3D glasses hurt or they give me a bad quality one?! cause this was a hurtful experience

  • Ibrahim El-Abyad

    Ibrahim El-Abyad

    They call it an epic and now i can see Why!
    But let's talk about somestuff here!..
    First thing first this movie was supposed to be longer (the director has deleted 40 min from the whole movie some was technical issues and other was deleted rondomly which has affected the story line.. not in away that will prevents u from enjoying it.. would had added much more greatness to this masterpiece tho.

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  • Solaris



    I once watched a Tarkovsky interview, which made me think if Tarkovsky wasn't human, surly he would be a beautiful oil painting from the 18th century or a poem (as they call him the cinema poet).

    This man has something divinely attractive about his cinematic world, and his personality too.
    This was my first Tarkovsky film.. and now i want to sit down with someone and talk non-stop about him! Because (just) watching Tarkovsky isn't enough u need to process the entire experience out your mind!

  • Angel's Egg

    Angel's Egg


    maybe you and i and the fish exist only in the memory of a person who is gone!

    Wasn't planning to watch this movie any soon but thanks to someone wonderful review that convinced me to watch this wiredly beautiful movie! and thank god i did.

    one of the most evocative piece of art i have ever seen. it's hard to get all of it by one watch but Is it a movie about religion and how it effects our…