Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★½

Kong: Skull Island is very invested in its visuals and not much else. It plays with colors and textures to create a spectacular look, but look alone isn’t enough. Much like Peter Jackson’s King Kong, it features a large cast of characters, split into groups, each trying to cope with their arrival on Skull Island in different ways. Unlike Peter Jackson’s King Kong, few serve a purpose other than running away or getting eaten/killed by the different creatures they encounter. It isn’t like there is no attempt – whether soldier, scientist or photographer, each is given an interesting backstory, but not enough time or attention is given to them and they end up feeling half-backed as a result. Skull Island’s greatest fault, however, is that none of them forms a bond with Kong. He’s there and they’re there, and that’s where it stops until the last half hour when an undeveloped attempt is made and it’s too late to care. Kong: Skull Island is a missed opportunity more than anything. It has a decent basis, but it’s too preoccupied with mindless spectacle (and connecting the dots between Kong and Godzilla) to create something meaningful out of it.

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