C'mon C'mon

C'mon C'mon ★★★★½

When so much revolves around numbing escape, C’mon C’mon carves a path towards awareness. Awareness of surroundings, of relationships, of the curveballs that transform into cherished memories. Life is seen here through the eyes of Johnny, a documentary filmmaker, and Jesse, his estranged nephew. An unfortunate circumstance turns a weekend of bonding into weeks, and Johnny is forced to become a parental figure to Jesse. His work pulls him in one direction, Jesse in another, and middle grounds are found only to be completely overturned. But through it all, Johnny learns to look at his world with curiosity. To listen and to explore rather than to simply record. And everything magnifies. He finds novelty in New York, his home, and happiness in traveling the States with Jesse. Their happy times together are worth the difficult moments, and as they walk into their separate futures, coming to terms with the fleetingness of the present, they hope they’ll stay with each other forever. It’s not any easier to accept that a film like C’mon C’mon has to end, but then, isn’t life out there?

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