THE movie about the struggling artist, "8 and a half " is Fellini's most acclaimed work and I can understand why: It's an honest and intimate look at creative process, intertwined with personal memories and fantasies, showing how aspects of personal life can influence your work/art. Easy to see how it influenced other films such as Truffaut's "La Nuit Américaine" and Fosse's "All that Jazz".
Still like other Fellini films that I've seen so far, I couldn't really connect to it, here mostly due to the subject matter. It's still the most compelling of his films to me, as I preferred his storytelling technique here than in any of his other films.
While most women here are one note, except for Guido's wife Luisa, this film actually acknowledges Guido's treatment of them, something I thought was less obvious in other Fellini films.

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