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  • To the Sea


  • Come True


  • After Midnight


  • Addams Family Values


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  • To the Sea

    To the Sea


    Blanquita flying with her wings
    A little head butt
    The only thing that's old are the roads, and we're still on them.
    It doesn't matter what happens, I'll be looking after you.

    A pure and beautiful piece of soul and lost harmony. Recommended.

  • Come True

    Come True


    As someone who has had sleepwalking and sleep paralysis episodes, this was truly terrifying at moments, but then went nowhere and thematically fell apart.

    Don't you ever feel like you're seeing something that you're not supposed to?

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  • Cowboy Bebop

    Cowboy Bebop


    Sometimes I try to think which is my favorite episode. Then I realize the forest is so magnificent I can't pick out any one tree.

    As time goes by this gets even more beautiful.
    The writing is so good you get trapped in profundity before you realize it. The character arcs are natural and tragic. A truly fleshed out vision of our future. The science fiction world building is full and fascinating and the art fits it perfectly. The music…

  • The Devil on Trial

    The Devil on Trial


    Sad and kind of awkward to watch bc how much more sensationalism can these people take..

    Idk about these ppl and I'm not sure I learned much from this, but when they revealed the sominex thing I felt like I was reading some creepy satirical short story where turns out the real possession was pharmaceuticals and moms, so that was an interesting twist.

    But it's sad bc it's potentially real and every one of them is too confused or manipulated…