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  • Phantom Thread
  • Spend It All
  • Beau Travail
  • Margaret

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  • The Sweet East

  • Monster


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  • The Sweet East

    The Sweet East

    the more time that goes by since i watched this, the more i realize that i really liked it !

    dizzying and overstimulating from the get-go, but like, in a fun and very entertaining way. it really takes a minute for your eyes to adjust to everything happening on-screen... the immediate tone is pretty chaotic but it chills out (kinda??? does it even???) as it settles more into lillian's nomadic escapades.

    i really enjoyed the performances all around: talia ryder…

  • Monster



    this movie hurt me so bad 😭 but in a good way ❤️ just so bittersweet. every scene of minato and yori hanging out in nature, especially when they’d be running through the grass …. damn. that really pulled on my heartstrings. it’s so simple and mundane but that’s my favorite kinda shit when watching movies. those scenes really encapsulate the unique, ephemeral sense of freedom and innocence that you only really feel as a kid. and that scene where…

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  • Poor Things

    Poor Things


    OH my god i LOVED THIS. emma stone and mark ruffalo give truly stellar, fearless performances, balancing emotional nuance and hilarious, over-the-top oddity in a way i haven’t seen from either of them before! so refreshing. i also loveddd ramy youssef in this, and willem dafoe was a knockout as always. only performance i wasn’t so fond of was jerrod carmichael… he came off rather flat imo !

    i thought the story to be incredibly imaginative and, as a longtime…

  • May December

    May December


    in a film with both natalie portman and julianne moore, i did NOT expect for it to be charles melton to be the one that had me screaming MOTHERRRRR!!!

    also when he was high with his son and said “I can’t tell if we’re connecting or if I’m creating a bad memory for you in real time, but I can’t help it.” OOF ... i felt that DEEP in my BONES