Uncut Gems

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This review may contain spoilers.

I could very easily relate to Adam Sandler in this film as someone who has been known to place a few couple dollar bets on sports here and there. It’s a natural progression for the Safdie brothers after GOOD TIME, expanding on a similar sort of anxiety fueled tension and perhaps nearly perfecting it. Sandler deserves all the praise he is getting, he’s truly incredible. 

The last twenty minutes of this film are the best filmmaking I’ve seen not just this year, but the past few years (granted there’s a lot I need to see, but the conclusion to the film feels like a genuine masterwork in a way I just don’t feel quite often). While the explosive execution is audacious and alone an absolute shock that made my mom audibly gasp in the theater and my jaw drop, the impact is achieved primarily through the meticulous setup, and even knowing the outcome of the game I was glued to my seat and stunned. I left the theater feeling genuinely wound up, I’d imagine i felt a similar sensation to the high that people feel after running a marathon. Gonna be tough to top this one for me this year

A useless detail about my theater going experience: walking out of this one at 2am to it looking like fucking Silent Hill outside with all the fog was quite surreal. Has nothing to do with the movie but I felt extra tense the entire drive home

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