Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★★½

Rare for a movie to make me empathize with it's main characters this much but fittingly a movie about entering the life of another person is the one that really did a great job at making me feel every emotion of the main character. 

I think that's why this movie really worked for me, while it suffers from some very cheesy moments and a weak start, i ended up connecting to the characters so much that i just felt really overwhelmed with all the emotions in this movie & to me that's what's most important in a story. Even besides that Wright once again proves to be a master of his craft as his style helps make Last Night in Soho a very immersive cinematic experience.

Overall i get why this is divisive, some parts of it were too on the nose, the cgi ghosts were bad, & it takes a while to really get going but everything in this movie just clicked for me, every plot point, every emotional moment, every filmmaking decision. Probably my fav of the year, i love Edgar Wright.

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