The Lost World: Jurassic Park

The Lost World: Jurassic Park ★★★★

"Well he's got all the money in the world, but there's one thing he can't buy... a dinosaur."
— Dr. Richard Hammond

all i want, as a "cinephile", are films with dinosaurs in them, films with jeff goldblum in them, films in which san diego is descended upon by something voracious like a t-rex or capitalism or amanda bynes. Only like 1% of films have dinosaurs in them, it happens every year and we as a global consciousness are letting it happen, you are letting it happen. With the ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner the "second greatest predator on the planet" decides to destroy the current first place podium occupant, man decided long ago that he would either sit atop the podium or there would be no podium... he sharpens his tools and says "i want the whole world or nothing" to his crying partner.

i think the t-rex screaming over the distanceless all-embracing black night of an unwitting american cityscape is one of the most nostalgia-ridden cinematic moments out there for me. there's many other nostalgia-blazoned things left to lust towards.. the bearded fellow who lugs around stacks of dinosaur information hurriedly downloaded from Windows '96 like he's in Kanto in '97 and his pokedex is almost full (the dinosaur lover, killed by a snake)... the Postlethwaite, the Stormare, the incessant goldblumisms... the triumphant 90s score that cries out "manifest destiny.. you dinosaur fuckin shits"... the field in which invisible raptors reward humanities obstinacy with calculated & merciless bloodshed... Goldblum making realizations... those god damn beautiful dinos... that guy chewing gum clicking his fingers saying "you're him right, the guy" making dinosaur noises and slouching into himself, into another dimension, a dimension of love and peace and kindness and dinosaur movies.