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  • Sans Soleil

    Sans Soleil


    Isn't it stupid to tell people not to look at the camera?

    I think it would be good film to show to alien life, to say Here... this is what we Were and this is who we Are, our extended attempts to reconcile with ourselves, we simply cannot remember what we cannot remember, maybe you folk will have a better time of it than we do. The film itself feels alien, the places he visits, the things he observes, even…

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  • Videodrome



    — Ronald Reagan

    every time i rewatch this film i think this will be the time that i love it, the time where everything will soar and it will be as cool on the inside as it looks from the outside, but it just never comes alive for me like that. it shall be so. madness in great ones must not unwatched go, but it is only a few crazies who have from the crazy place unbroken. tell me you love me. tell me about bane. tell me about my videodrome problem. when a pretty girl says jump, courtesy is to say how high...?

  • Performance



    "you should not have destroyed the great phallus."
    — Jess Franco

    the film behaves in an unstable manner, giving no warning when another onslaught is coming, acting out almost as a means of rebellion, because it can, more of an assault, finding a pitch that's going to drive you only slightly mad, it's difficult to get into the flow of— but once you're there you're fucked, and but doesn't that "i might come with you then" rip you in two? one of the coolest films to ever exist, it makes me want to dress better, or worse with confidence, which is apparently better

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  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    I always manage to get incredibly anxious and wary over the prospect of rewatching the films that I love. To the point where my favorite films intimidate me, they scare me. Because if I saw such a clear reflection of myself in them at one point in my life what if when I look back into them I can't see my reflection anymore? What if I changed and didn't notice? What if the love I felt so strongly before turned…

  • I Killed My Mother

    I Killed My Mother


    Dolan made this film at twenty years old. What the fuck am I doing with my life.