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  • Melancholia



    Fuck yes!!!!

    Deeply worth a revisit. For von trier this feels very “hands off” narratively. Very easy breezy and natural, which are healthy qualities for a movie about climate change and the apocalypse to have. Found this refreshing after a movie like Pipeline (Not a dig despite finding that movie underwhelming.) appreciated a heady, gut take on something like this. And I found it an enlightening juxtaposition.

  • Baixo Gávea

    Baixo Gávea


    love movies about workin girls in the city. and this one is about two best friends in dialogue with portuguese modernists--which, naturally, i loved.

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  • Skinamarink


    On rewatch, less grippingly scary but the admirably cold beating heart of the movie is clearer. The way the kids build a space for themselves, while the monster destroys their home and eventually the safe space of the television’s glow. The limits of Kaylee’s protectiveness and maturity exposed when her brother asks her for things she can’t or won’t provide. Lots of horror doesn’t go there because seeing kids in real danger—victims of evil—is a bad feeling for a genre…

  • X


    agonizing first 3 quarters. a lot of jokes cant save the movie from feeling utterly humorless. needledrops as scaffolding to make up for a lack of tension or personality.

    massively disagree with people saying mia gives a good performance. it's not her fault. her character sucks so bad.

    fugly as sin.


    the final third, where the movie delivers on its promise of slasher fare, it’s hard not to feel like the movie really just wants to wrap it up…