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  • Some Came Running
  • Blow Out
  • Woman in the Dunes
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  • Remember My Name

    Remember My Name


    chaplain gives a great performance. controlled and a loose cannon, sometimes within the same scene. set in a working class california. work and class and the rhythms of life march on as the events of the story play out.

  • Men



    i like the poster

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  • Malignant



    I like to think we’ve reached the end of a discourse era. I’m optimistic. For at least the past decade it’s been impossible to talk about horror without someone—always someone without much abiding love for horror in the first place—telling you that good horror is subtle and quiet. Good horror is about atmosphere. They’d tell you that jump scares are alright…but no more than one or two.
    Prestige horror had its moment, and is certainly still having it. Horror that…

  • X



    agonizing first 3 quarters. a lot of jokes cant save the movie from feeling utterly humorless. needledrops as scaffolding to make up for a lack of tension or personality.

    massively disagree with people saying mia gives a good performance. it's not her fault. her character sucks so bad.

    fugly as sin.


    the final third, where the movie delivers on its promise of slasher fare, it’s hard not to feel like the movie really just wants to wrap it up…