The Master

The Master ★★★★★

Look I may have put on airs a few years back as if I didn't like this movie, that it was extremely legible and not nearly as complex as some other films, and that it's not as good as Inherent Vice. Those last few things are true, sure, but I was a lying bullshit coward pussy bc this movie is so fun and funky and cool. a movie about a boy and his dog. I didn't finish it this time but I know this movie shot for shot front to back, I was thirteen once. It made me understand how straight sex could be hot. This movie is hot and goofy and just so endearing. Exhilratingly not interested in politics, history, philosophy, or anything beyond a broad caricature of pscyhology. In that way, it's an arthouse blockbuster. Made young me feel like movies could be so big, could be anything I dreamed they could be, that they would swallow me up before I ever had my fill of them. Look I stopped watching cuz the melatonin hit as Amy Adams was straining PSH's cock at the sink and then I went and wrote this review so that should explain this all. I love this movie.

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