Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★½

Sweet Jesus I'm gonna have to do it.


I'm not gonna do it.

I can't,

I was one of you once,

Then I saw the film again.

I'm sorry. It hurt me too.


"Blade Runner" is a thoughtless, dull, superficial piece of science fiction.



I said it.


It's a movie that just doesn't know what it's saying. It knows that it can say something, and it tries for sure, but It can't breach the slick metal surface.


Oof. Almost done.

Blade runner is super cool gibberish, nothing in this movie means anything, thus nothing in this movie feels like anything. It's tempting to close yourself off to the facts, here., just because the movie, on the surface, seems AMAZING. But honestly....blade runner is a truly BAD film.


Ugh that was just the WORST review to write I'm sorry,

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