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  • The Disciple

    The Disciple


    As if Satyajit Ray re-emerged for his take on Inside Llewyn Davis. Divine.

  • Nomadland



    Like her hidden treasure "Songs My Brother Taught Me" and her (relatively) breakout sophomore feature "The Rider," Chloé Zhao's "Nomadland" paints a tender portrait of of an American community and landscape that feels on the verge of extinction. The film starts out with the actual extinction of a community after the town of Empire, Nevada is abandoned following the shutdown a sheetrock plant during the Great Recession and even its zip code abolished.

    The film is anchored by a character…

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  • I Am Michael

    I Am Michael


    I Am Unconvinced.

  • Mommy



    My first encounter with Xavier Dolan was with his debut feature, I KILLED MY MOTHER, in the early part of 2010 at the Museum of Modern Art. It was a strikingly raw and honest picture, especially for someone only two years my senior, even if parts felt undercooked. He was in attendance for a Q&A, in which he paraphrased a Renoir quote comparing the urgency of having to make a film to the sensation of having to pee. Since that…