Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★★

When I say I love movies because they can be about everything, Charlie Kaufman sees that as a curse!

SYNECDOCHE NEW YORK is about art, but to make good art, you have to look at life. So if your life is about art, what is your art about?!

As Caden (PSH) goes deeper and deeper into that hole, digging for meaning, looking for answers in the questions themselves, his and our feelings of dread pile up. By the end, the slightest annoyance feels like a hammer to the head. 

The only characters that can escape this vicious cycle of creation and/or existential doubt are those who can imbue genuine creativity in their work and/or life, by abandoning the search for answers to instead trust the unknown, or even just to escape, however cowardly that may seem: Adele (Catherine Keener) and Ellen (Dianne Wiest) make it out ok, sort of. Maybe that’s where the solution is: in having the courage or the selfishness to go away. But can you stand or ignore the memories and regrets piling up?