Spencer ★★★½

This is something I probably respected more than I enjoyed.

Kristen Stewart is every bit as good as you've heard. But having gone into this pretty much blind beyond that, I got something very different than I expected. At times that really worked in the film's favor, but I couldn't help wish it was either a little shorter or less repetitive. Regardless of script nitpicks, Stewart is the star and carries the movie gracefully, doing a great job delivering the material she's given.

Spencer has some big time A24 vibes, the last thing I expected to feel about an Oscar-nominated film about Princess Diana. But it does a very good job showing how the weight of expectations, traditions and pageantry can be crushing. Over the course of this single weekend, Diana mentally suffocates, and it can be stressful to see. There is a major contrast on display with someone feeling so hopelessly constricted in such a vast space, and I appreciated how it was handled.

A few very brief thoughts, for I am old and tired.

Timothy Spall was perfectly cast for this part. Kudos to whoever made that happen.

Sean Harris made a believable chef and I wanted more Sally Hawkins.

Jonny Greenwood is becoming one our best working score composers, right? We can agree on that, right?

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