The Batman

The Batman ★★★★

After Bat Affleck, it wouldn't be very hard to make a more adequate rendition of the Bat vigilante (I have to admit, I think Bat Affleck - I can't believe I've just thought of this name now and I will forever call him this starting on this exact moment - would have made a good Batman were it not for the poor screenplays of the films he was in). And oh boy, this is what I was expecting, and what I wanted to see.

The influence from David Fincher's "S7ven" and "Zodiac" are what most people are talking about and they are spot on. However, did many people compare this to the "Batman: Arkham Asylum" and " Batman: Arkham City" videogames ?(I haven't played later installments) Because I remembered a lot of what I felt playing those and I had that same sensation whilst watching the film. The way the combat sequences panned and the style in which he followed clues seemed to me like a nod to the videogames (and another nod was the Good Time grocerie shop).

In an age of so many super-hero movies dominating the scene, and most of them feeling just average, it's great to see a character that had so many renditions throughout the History of cinema and once again making something that feels exciting and with an involving atmosphere. You can sense the pestilence of Gotham's criminality. It feels dirty, unsafe, it's not the kind of place I would dare to visit, only if I had a wish to get my wallet stole (you know, like a demented bucket list or something). And in that way, it would make best sense to present a young Bruce Wayne in a grunge (not just because he was listening to Nirvana) style, surrounded by self-doubt, angst about his existence, questioning what does it mean to have a legacy and how can we free ourselves from the shadows of our predecessors.

Before I save this, I just wanted to say that Colin Farrell was just wow. Paul Dano, Zoë Kravitz, John Turturro (I never thought someone could ever make him look menacing or even reminding me of Brando's Godfather, but here we are), Jeffrey Wright, all of them had spectacular supporting roles, but Farrell really stole the show by becoming irrecognizable. Now that's acting.

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