Spencer ★★★½

I was a bit skeptical after the first scene of the film. It didn't feel... right? It was like watching Kristen Stewart getting her best Hermione Grancer accent. Then, she showed me why she was nominated for best actress, she really delivered and gave a fantastic performance.

Pablo Larraín's retelling of princess Diana's horrible Christmas Day is a whirlwind of emotions. Diana's discomfort and constant abuse of personal space makes everything seem worse than a prison. Emotionally and psychologically tortured because of the clothes, or because of her posture or because she has to be constantly reminded she does not belong there and she is beneath every single one of them. She felt like a burden and the cinematography makes everything feel like a beautiful nightmare. There is a particular sequence, which I've quite liked for its surreal setting, as if we were inside Diana's mind.

All in all, what a terrible Christmas party. Can you imagine how bad must it be to actually celebrate Christmas like that? Without any warmth? It's almost like social media, you must look perfect, even if you're miserable.

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