Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

Such a great film to rewatch."Another Round" is not as haunting as Vinterberg's previous collaboration with Mads Mikkelsen, but it has something to its advantage. While "The Hunt" is a film exploring the darkest depths of humanity and how horrifying simple community life can be, "Another Round" tries to be a reaffirmation on life. The four leading characters are simple men, they have their work, their families and their hobbies and at first sight that's about it. But as time progresses, we see them trying to get something else out of life, are they running away from the mundanity of existence? Or are they trying to surpass their mortal conditions with a plot that will make them super-humans?

All of these questions are raised by the film, but the biggest point it makes is that there are things to live for, and life may get crappy sometimes and it will have terrible things but in the end let's enjoy the ride with all the ups and downs, bumps and obstacles that come our way, because oh, "What a Life" this is.

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