Halloween ★★★

Pardon my insomnia.
It's not that I dislike Halloween, I just did not find it scary. Michael Myers kills people with an expressionless cheap mask, custodian/prisoner onesie, and kitchen knives. He's a character with no standout qualities. I can't get past how a regular human being, no radioactive spill, no super powers, no nothing...regular human being can take 10+ bullet wounds and motherfucker still standin like ain't shit happen. I get it, he stayed in his self contained bubble for 15 years patiently waiting. Meditating is some Buddha shit, that'll get you scrawny as hell earning your spot as the 15th Dalai Lama, that's it. I'm still interested in seeing how Rob Zombie handles this mystical being. Rob Zombie isn't the best director, but two things I like from his movies is

A)The antagonists are psychotic and over the top
B)The protagonists (usually his wife) always have a fighting spirit

At the moment Mikey (who didn't appear in the 3rd installment) ranks as one of the least scary antagonists in cult classic horror franchises next to Ghostface from Scream and Scary Movie.

I know, I know, I'm making it seem like I hate it, but this all comes down to me loving the genius mind of writer/director John Carpenter. He made some wise decisions all around that made this explode into what is known today.

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