Gummo ★★★★★

No animals were harmed in the making of Gummo. That is something that was important for me to know before lauding it with praise.

My favourite book is Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. Watching Gummo felt like that read. There's many different segments with recurring characters and each segment focuses on the barebones of what it means to be human with a slight surrealist undertone.

Or maybe it's not surrealist at all, maybe this is just Xenia, Ohio.

In particular, there's a character of Len Goodman in Infinite Jest who goes around killing cats. Again, it's a little different because Len is a sociopath whereas these characters aren't necessarily sociopaths so much as their desensitised to this sort of behaviour and this is one of their forms of killing time and making ends meet.

Chloë Sevigny is unrecognisable here. I'd forgotten she was in it because most actors had no prior experience and it wasn't until it was over that I remember she was in it and had to look up that she was a fairly main character. Props to her as an actress.

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