Zodiac ★★★½

Pretty solid film. I think it’s strength is it’s pacing, it’s a long movie but it never drags and keeps moving the whole way through which is what I imagine most people want from a procedural crime film.  Not sure if the fact that we now know they were wrong helps or hurts the movie. Either way I think they could have done a little bit more with the unsolved element of it and the psychological toll on the characters since that was the most interesting part to me, what the running in circles can do to a person.

I also really liked the cinematography. Overall it was good but this has never really been a favourite genre of mine outside of a few exceptions since it takes a lot for me to feel like the significant time investment really paid off. This was well done no doubt but I don’t think it has anything that really sets it over the top. Definitely more of a memories of murder kinda guy. Maybe I’m just not a Fincher guy

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