Shame ★★★★½

Shame is a riveting, lonely, and emotional character study that is a masterclass by McQueen in showing not telling.

So little of the film comes down to dialogue. Instead it’s told through long scenes and long takes where we have to look into they eyes and actions of the actors to try and figure out how they feel. It’s a risky move if the cast isn’t up for the task, but Fassbender and Mulligan knock it out of the park (as expected). 

I have to give props to McQueen for going that route as well. I held off on the film for a while because the premise didn’t really seem up my alley or something that would garner a lot of sympathy from me. However, McQueen’s choice to avoid being heavy handed on how we should feel about Brandon made the examination of his character much more fascinating. I feel like it’s a film where you get to see what you want in it without any interpretations being wrong.

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