Pig ★★★★

Sometimes there is just nothing you can do.

Ontario was a little delayed in reopening so this was my first time back at a theater since November. I wish I could say I was moved to tears by the experience but I'm currently in my student town so it was a small theater with no air conditioning and poor projector lighting. But that doesn't matter because the movie moved me to tears itself.

Pig is what happens when a movie attempts to parody a genre but instead of being a comedy (although not completely dry) it uses the opportunity to examine it from another angle.

Pig teases you with the fact that it could go all John Wick at the drop of a hat...but it never does. It sets you up with underground fighting rings, a stolen animal, Nick Cage looking like a beat up brute ready to pounce, an "evil" truffle trader who is in the way of Nick Cage, and even a scene where Cage has a list ready of things needed to get his pig back. Yet almost everything ends up being subverted.

Instead your left to wonder "what can you do when there is nothing you can really do"?

All the characters are fleshed out pretty well albeit some of them being a bit more caricatures than others. Nick Cage is also terrifically understated in the role. His casting is another example of setting the audience up for one thing and then doing the complete opposite.

If I had one real negative it would be that the dialogue itself is a little meh. At times it felt a little template but if we are being honest this isn't really a film that lives or dies by it's dialogue but rather it's character's actions.

Probably my favorite of 2021 so far!

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