Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★

Doctor Strange and the multiverse of mid. 

Not a bad as I expected but still feels like a really messy film overall. Also for a movie with multiverse in the title there was very little multiverse. 

There were a lot of really good ideas here. It just felt like every good idea was in service of another good idea but none of the ideas ever got to fully run their course because of that. By the end it just felt like a lot of random but sometimes entertaining crap happened but I was hardly left feeling like it all came together. Especially Scarlet Witch. At first I thought this was a really interesting direction for her character but by the end it just felt like another lap of the arch she already had in her show. 

Granted I think this suffers from being in the shadow of Everything, Everywhere, All at Once in my eyes. What was amazing about that one was how many good ideas were brought in and how it all still managed to come together in the end fully fulfilled. Here there were a lot of really good ideas, but it falters where a lot of multiverse movies could in not being able to bring it back together again. 

I also think the quips are particularly out of place here. None of them landed for me and mostly just resulted in me rolling my eyes. I feel like they get more exhausting each and every movie.

Still the horror stuff and psychedelic elements that Raimi brought in were really cool and make the film feel like it isn’t completely wasting its potential.

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