Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders ★★★★

I'm kinda all over the map with Godard, I love some of his films, I don't mind others, and I'm annoyed by a few of them as well. I was worried during the first half that I wasn't going to enjoy this one. The whole plot was pretty dull and it didn't feel like his typical playfulness was doing enough to lift the film up.

That being said at about the halfway point when they got to the café it all started to pick up. He pulled out a few tricks and moments that may have been my favorite of his so far with the moment of silence and the dance sequence. From there on out the film had that energetic and playful demeanor I hope for when turning on one of his films.

The second half is some of my favorite Godard yet but the first half was a bit too much of a chore to make the film in it's entirety my favorite in his catalogue.

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