Halloween ★★★★½

Hoop-Tober #2 - Franchises

"Death has come to your little town, Sheriff."

So. I finally get the hype.

Two things before I start: This review is more of an excited love-letter; and, this film is simply fucking sublime.

I'm also too tired to write a proper, cohesive, fully-detailed review.

But I can say one thing: John Carpenter really knows what he's doing.

As we begin, we're slowly pulled towards a jack-o-lantern, the symbol of Hallowe'en, in a sequence so underpinned by a theme as sharp and killer as The Shape itself.

I can think of few drastic flaws with this picture. It's simply incredible, and incredibly simple.

That, really, is where it truly shines.

The killer is "The Shape". He wears a white mask, and black overalls. He uses a kitchen knife.

Everything in this film works perfectly, right down to the minutest of details.

Especially the final minute. God damn.