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This review may contain spoilers.

I used to work with Michael Therriault. My experience with him was as a musical theatre guy. Light, high energy singin' and dancin'. Musical theatre stuff.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw him pop up as a creepy foot fetish doctor in Cult of Chucky. I saw him at work the next day and congratulated him on playing a great big creep with an awesome head crush death. Normally super reserved and soft-spoken offstage, he lit up and immediately whipped out his phone, showed me pics of the seven or eight head molds they made of him, each a little more crushed in. He said his biggest regret on that set was that he didn't ask to keep one of the heads. Went on and on about how fun it was to shoot, thanked me for watching.

A few years later and he shows up on the Chucky TV series, recast as a totally different character (a testament, I think, to how he's such a joy to work with, I assume Mancini just wanted him back, continuity be damned). Another great death scene there. Now he's in this, getting Indiana Jones melty faced in fuzzy red Cosmatos vision. So glad he got to pivot into what is clearly his true passion, playing mousy weirdos who all get spectacularly killed.

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