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This review may contain spoilers.

one of the greatest achievements in american film. i watched a speech by shyamalan where he talked about not forcing the universe into roles you create and instead letting things come naturally, while also pointing out the system's bias against those perceived as different. i think unbreakable is about both of these things. david lets things come naturally in his universe, discovering himself through slowly letting new pieces come together. elijah, however, enforces the villainous role on himself, and forces terrorism in order to create what he desires. however, can one really blame elijah for falling for this ideology? he was born into a world that wasn't made for him, a world that rejects the disabled, a world that rejects those who do not fit. the system enforces roles on us. elijah never had the chances david did, he was doomed by what he was enforced from the start. "they called me mr. glass"

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