The Gray Man

The Gray Man ★★★★

This movie is a ton of fun and I liked how the plot and the action unfolded. It was very well done in my opinion.

The plot is about Six who steals data from the CIA and is hunted down for it, because the information is very private.

The best thing in this movie is the action, there is no doubt about that in my mind. The choreography, the stunts and how everything is filmed is just amazing. There a couple of sequences that are kind of iffy but that is the minority.
The best set piece is the shootout sequence in Prague where they effectively destroy Prague which was really amazing.

Every setpiece is unique and gives you a thrill ride all throughout the movie and you are never bored once while watching this movie, which is very well done by the Russo brothers.

The cast also gives it their all with the focus relying on Ryan Goslings Six and Chris Evans Lyle.

Both are incredible in the movie, but I thought that Evans was a tick better than Gosling.
Evans Lyle is calculating and smart and doesn’t do anything without a plan. He knows exactly what to do in the right moments and always has a trick up his sleeve if something goes wrong. He is prepared for every situation and knows how to outsmart everyone in the room. 
Evans plays him really effortlessly and he is just commanding the screen whenever we see his Lyle.

Goslings Six on the other hand is the opposite of that. Yes he is calculating and knows what to do in any given moment, because of his training at the CIA, but he is catalyst for everything that goes wrong in the movie. It’s his idea to steal data from the CIA, it’s his idea to go to Prague that destroys the city and a prominent CIA member. I liked Gosling and the way he played it, but in contrast to Evans he pales in comparison.

The rest of the cast, be it Ana de Armas, Rege Jean-Page, Billy Bob Thornton or Alfre Woodard all have some memorable moments, but if you contrast them with Gosling or Evans they are not up to par with the two of them.
The one that disappointed me the most was Jean-Page, because he is written very bland and very weak and that was really sad in my opinion, same goes for De Armas character.

The weakest part of the movie is by far the plot because it’s really bland, which is fine because of the action but if that wouldn’t be there, the movie would fall apart right away.

Overall it’s a fun enough action movie, by a reliable director duo and I definitively recommend watching it on Netflix since it’s out now.

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