Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★★

Goddamn that was so saturated. (in a good way)
It’s kinda funny how me and my sister and my dad left the theater, we all had different opinions, my sister loved it and said that it might be her favorite film (probably not, she’s like 11) my dad enjoyed some of the comedy but overall he just hated how unrealistic and stupid some of the situations were. I kinda agree but i think it just enhances the movie to be more fun and goofy which it is. 

I’m in the middle, I liked it and felt sad for some characters which is always a good thing. But my god, so many plot twists, so much bad cgi. Overall I think it was good and should just be a comfort watch for some people, and the cgi didn’t really bother me, but it was still annoying how they didn’t even use real sets 90% of the time. Brad Pitt was cool, sometimes it just felt like he is really trying to be funny and pushing hard. 

But yeah definitely better than I expected and is better than some films this year. Really like the stylistic choices, it was a pretty cool Fiji ad.

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