Shame ★★★★½

We're not bad people.
We just come from a bad place.

A very slow and subtle film but still mesmerizing. I would not have thought a film about a sex addict would be so elegant. This film leaves a lot to think about after viewing and can be interpreted in so many different ways, is Brandon's shame about his dependency on sex? His inability to have a normal healthy relationship (passing 4 months) -- or is it to do with the subtext between him and his sister, Sissy?

Fassbender is such a great actor, he really can do no wrong by me. Every film he has been in radiates with his intensity and a perfect execution and he is no different in this. (Handsome face, aside)

I love the dark, monochromatic and almost gritty feel of New York shown. The long, deliberate extension of some scenes I have seen being criticized before in regards to Shame, but I felt that this really concentrated the emotional impact and highlighted Brandon's inner struggle. The scene where Sissy sings as a perfect example, so long, slow and deliberate (We get the whole song, most of it the camera being an extreme close-up on her face) but still beautiful and almost profound.

Some really graphic scenes though, jeeeeesus. Do not watch with family.

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