Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★

In my second viewing of Snyder's/Whedon Justice League, I did say that hopefully, Snyder's Cut will have its Infinity War moment. Looking back, my statement sounds like an exaggerated piece of bullshit, but what I meant was, there's a chance Snyder cut could bring a clearer and more subtle vision of the film. I am feeling like a winner because this film feels fresh and brand new. There is a huge amount of change. The story doesn't feel scattered like snow, but it is successfully assembled. Every character that wasn't fleshed out in Justice League has a wider backstory.

Steppenwolf was a generic villain, but this cut of the film manages to invest the time and give a bigger glimpse into him. His shield armor looks great and the delivery of his lines in many ways reminds me of Thanos. I will say this again, but under Synder's supervision, Aquaman looks badass. Flash and Cyborg were both better handled as well. Then there is Batman and Wonder Woman. Both feel like plot devices rather than characters that belong in Snyder’s world. Both stuck in exposition more so than any other character in the movie. On a positive note, when the action takes place -- both are one of the focal points.

Snyder's Cut visually looks good, it's very dark and moody. That's what it supposed to look like when shit hits the fan. The score by Junkie XL is nice and I don't remember hearing it before. The CGI is good most of the time, but there are shakier spots too. I didn't have big problems. Also, the 4:3 aspect ratio is great. I finished Snyder's Justice League in two days. First four parts and the rest the next day. 4-hours of runtime seems a bit too much, but I don't think there was any other way. Yes, it was possible to shorten this film, yet, Snyder wanted to give every drop of his vision to us. No matter if there were scenes that could be edited out. This is Snyder's peak. His Lord of the Rings. His Infinity War, and while 2021' Justice League couldn't achieve those heights, it is still a good film.

p.s. Snyder's cut has the greatest whisky commercial featuring Jason Momoa.

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