Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★½

Over the years, Guy Ritchie has been all over the place. The same guy behind King Arthur, Aladdin, The Gentlemen, and now Wrath of Man. His last couple of movies had ups and downs, but Ritchie is a director that tries to step out of his comfort zone. Wrath of Man definitely feels like an experiment combining two stories, two perspectives in one movie. This film isn't your typical old-school 2000's film with incredible slapstick humor in which Ritchie is known for. This is a serious, dead-pan revenge-heist movie with Jason Statham being a desperate but cold-as-ice badass ready for retribution. In a way, it works because you get to see Statham shoot people and show no mercy to Post Malone.

Wrath of Man excels in the first act but loses its spark and our leading character in the middle section. While I appreciate the idea of giving both sides of the coin, I still find the robbers being poorly established to make me care about them. The movie sets itself up as a simple revenge film, yet it also wants to be smarter and deeper. As I mentioned earlier, Ritchie is interested in new and innovative approaches, and I appreciate that, given that I have a couple of problems with this film. There are certain cool moments, and the rest of the cast was decent, but it gets to a point where Wrath of Man brought disappointment.

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