Seventh ★★★½

Seventh is a found footage drama written and directed by Micah Mayes and is about two friends hanging out with a little brother for his birthday as they start to notice coincidences. I think that this is most definitely one of the better found footage movies out there. Sure, it’s not a popular format of film, but this film does tell a great story with more conflicts happening as the story unfolds. It is also very well acted. Both Micah Mayes and Gage Clift gave some great performances. The kid who plays the little brother was also not bad. This movie has some really funny moments throughout the film. The comedic moments were well written and timed and also remind me of the jokes me and my friends make when we hang out. However, this isn’t a perfect film. The cinematography is, inevitability, not really good. There are moments where it’s well framed but there were many moments where some shaky moments could have been avoided. Also the first act is a little too slow. It takes a little while to get going for a movie that is 72 minutes long. Overall, this is a solid directorial debut from Mayes and I’m wondering what he will do next. Check this out if you want to. It’s released on YouTube for free so if you want a free indie movie, then this one is for you.
Verdict: B+

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