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I've been trying to write a review for The Godfather, which I just saw for the first time today, all day. Even during our Thanksgiving get-together, this film was in the back of my mind (btw a great Thanksgiving movie). But it was only at our get-together that the personal aspect of this masterpiece hit me. I'm not that close with my family. I don't talk much with them, and I frankly am not the most comfortable around them. So I will liken this to movies like The Shining and Marriage Story where it's technically almost perfect, but also extremely emotionally impacting for me. I was questioning the lengths that I would go to take care of my family, even if I don't associate with them a lot. Obviously this is a fictionalized, more dramatic version of familial drama and trust, but it nevertheless got me thinking about my own life and family. And for someone not connected to their family too much, that deserves the highest amounts of praise. Because here's the thing. Many movies made me think and reflect about myself. Many movies made me think and reflect about society. And many movies made me think and reflect on the larger world itself. But very, very few films made me think and reflect on the people in my everyday life. There's really nothing else to say about The Godfather; it was too good of an offer to refuse.

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