Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★

Absolutely lacking the genre sincerity you'd hope this to have an overabundance of, but mostly makes up for it in it's overwhelming sincerity in all other facets of its design. Despite forcing earnestness onto things borderline le random being a Daniel's staple, there does end up feeling like a handful of elements here you can imagine a producer nudging in for the "A24 signature quirked up epicness" that they can market via memes and t shirts and pins and get people talking on social media about "aint that freaking epic??"

Again though when the quirkiness feels genuine and considered (more often than not) its great because these guys aren't stupid redditors. This movie is so much fun and lands so many emotional moments that the entire final hour feels like the emotional climax. Exceptionally edited together with some of the boldest and smartest crosscutting in a while just going absolutely nuts. The aspect ratio changes are broadly enjoyable but sometimes aren't as motivated as they should be and in certain areas you're cutting between 1.85 and Scope and sometimes even 4:3 in the span of a second which is insanity.

The intersection of Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, and James Hong is like the most absurdly specific actor trio to make specifically obscenely happy (Ke Quan especially, being a Joneshead child, was someone I utterly adored as a kid so seeing him finally, triunphantly, return to acting in such an exceptionally done, full bodied role is a dream come true. Bring on the Quannaissance!! (Probably too late for a Hongaissance but I hope he keeps getting lovely roles like this and Turning Red until he can't any more)). The movie is, despite its flashiness and production, really foundationally built on these performances and everyone is so magnetic and lovable.

Also, while I still don't think this is as careful a genre movie as others will probably desperately contend, it manages a few great scenes of fun action beats with really creative actions/indulgent heft. When more literal sci-fi-type plot stuff is happening its got considered quirks and charms that make me wish it could have gotten to lean some more into more of it instead of it being dressing for the (very powerful) thematic plotting/metaphysical excursions.

Just wonderful, I loved this. Hopefully they'll let this play on whatever screen near you is biggest. This is inevitably going to become one of the most beloved movies of a several year period (and surely for some, the most despised) and I'm not sure yet if it completely deserves it without any reservations but I wish any other modern release had an ounce of its pure, unadulterated earnestness and love. A cosmic reassurance of the whole universes contained inside every person.

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