White Chicks

White Chicks ★★★★

A movie with high doses with 00s outfits, mistaken identities, cop friendships, a dance off, Bjork's swan dress and a reference to Carrie?

This was sooooo fun to watch, but I felt like they overdid the racial differences too much it became kind of self-aware (but maybe that's their thing haha). Also, everyone else in the movie must've been blind or something to not notice Kevin and Marcus Right. There. 
The dance scene was super fun and hyped, and it wasn't awkward but it still wasn't the best because some of the outfits and facial expressions didn't fit right. Seeing Terry Crews dance shirtless was really funny for me because he looked exactly like one of the action figures my dad collected.
I really really hope that someone makes another version of this but from the perspective of the girls that Kevin and Marcus were hanging out with, in a MeanGirls-esque teen movie with the usual drama and stuff, except 'Brittany' and 'Tiffany' looked suspiciously like men.
It was also pretty fun seeing the characters questioning their sexuality especially the part with Terry Crews, and I didn't really expect that when I first watched this movie (in my opinion it wasn't handled in a mocking manner so it's OK for me).

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