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  • Men Don't Leave

    Men Don't Leave

    surprisingly good, warmy and beautifully pictured the late-80s baltimore. have refreshed my mood after a really tough working rainy-day.

  • A Haunting in Venice

    A Haunting in Venice

    a new and true definition of boredom

Popular reviews

  • 20th Century Nostalgia

    20th Century Nostalgia

    An astonishing movie, made at the right time when people were wondering about their future in light of this technical and architectural development, and certainly if the Japanese did not make a movie like this, no one would. Japan is one of the first countries to adopt technology and urban development in this way. Cameras are accessible to everyone. Companies are racing in length. Electricity cables extend throughout the country. People? Who are the people? How did they change? And…

  • 20th Century Nostalgia

    20th Century Nostalgia

    I extracted the Chinese subtitle from YouTube and then converted them into English, the English sub is considered a poor and inaccurate translation because it is automatically converted, so I ask you all to help me improve this translation so that we can release the film to the world and free it from its local restrictions, it's a unique and valuable film that has been looking for appreciation for many years If you are interest in translating and you're fluent in Japanese and English, contact me at: Gmail
    English subtitles

    I will appreciate all your help guys, thank you