The Conjuring

The Conjuring

Revisiting The Conjuring after the last entry of the trilogy left me with a bittersweet feeling. After years of movies exploring the haunted house subgenre every time a director wants to give a new take on a tale as old as time originality doesn't play a huge part anymore, it all comes down to execution.

James Wan crafts a suspenseful movie that in half of the scares it builds uses your imagination against you, what you're not seeing is way more terryfing than any monster the art department can create to show you. He moves the camera masterfully around the house to establish the location and the characters, like the Warrens themselves it comes the point where we also feel engaged in the family.

The most important thing I rediscovered from this movie is the sense of realism it is trying to create, as bonkers as it gets in the latest half the suspension of disbelief in the movie is something I truly miss in the movies that followed its legacy.

All in all, I'll always advocate for how James Wan did an incredible job with this movie and how the movie can be seen as a stand alone story that perfectly represents every single thing a good and entertaining horror movie should aim to achieve.

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