Three Thousand Years of Longing

Three Thousand Years of Longing ★★★★½

I’m honestly just in awe of this movie, a true celebration of the magic of storytelling, love and imagination, how they inspire and to quote Sean Connery, touch the humanity in all of us. 

George Miller is one of the most important figures in Australian cinema, a filmmaker I admire for telling deeper stories than your average Australian film, one I wish more from my country would tell. Age doesn’t seem to be a thing to him, his filmmaking has the energy of a younger filmmaker while still maintaining a maturity that he has earned over decades of filmmaking. 

What is it that drives us? What are we longing for in life? Is love something that can be obtained instantly? This is after all a cautionary tale. A film that I for sure will be thinking about long after viewing. At the end of the day is posits a simple question, What would you wish for?

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