Moonlight ★★★★★

Wow. I had my doubts before going into this, could it really live up to the high acclaim and praise it has received? Oh yes, it definitely could. It surpassed my expectations. Moonlight is magical. The slow pace coupled with the dreamy atmosphere, the often dizzying yet confident camera work, the gorgeously lit and soft tone, and the touches and little looks they give each other, its all reminiscent of the style of Wong Kar-wai. I believe there's even a few references to Wong's Happy Together. I adore that style, and coupled with the tragedy and brutal reality, it hits home. While all performances were brilliant, Trevante Rhodes somehow stood out for me. He did an incredible job evoking young Chiron behind that "costume" of big muscles. All three acts are amazing and there's so many beautiful moments throughout this film, but I particularly loved the whole ending sequence from the diner scene to the last line in the apartment. You don't have to be gay or black or poor to relate to this, i'm neither of those, because it's a study of masculinity, and the idea of having trouble to open up to other people and hiding your identity is all universal feelings. It certainly struck a chord in me. 2016's best? I believe it is. Really hope this holds up on a rewatch.

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