5 Directors x 5 Unseen Films – Round 3
Director Count: #4 of 5
Challenge Count: #24 of 25

A surreal, beautiful, and thought-provoking experience that opens with a spectacular dream sequence and from there it never lets go. The first Fellini film where everything just clicked for me. It's a journey into the mind of a struggling man, a film director suffering from a mental block as he's out of ideas, avoids people and never get's anywhere, and the line between reality, fantasy, memories and dreams becomes blurred. It's a beautiful look into Guido's mid-life crisis, his anxieties, insecurities, instabilities and dreams, and while it's one of the best films about filmmaking and an artist in crisis, it's human and universal themes about the struggle to find clarity and being lost can have a resonating effect to everyone. It definitely had on me. Technically it's just masterful in every aspect as everything flows together superbly, and it even features my love, Claudia Cardinale. was even better than I expected, such a hypnotic experience. Masterpiece!

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