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This review may contain spoilers.

tim kreider, in a column for NYT, said “Years ago a friend of mine had a dream about a staircase you could descend deep underground, in which you heard recordings of all the things anyone had ever said about you, both good and bad. The catch was, you had to pass through all the worst things people had said before you could get to the highest compliments at the very bottom. There is no way I would ever make it more than two and a half steps down such a staircase, but I understand its terrible logic: if we want the rewards of being loved we have to submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known.” and this movie asks the question: what if there’s someone who loves you so much that they’d walk down the staircase with you? that they’d hear all the worst things you’d ever done, and love you more because of it. and then, horrifically, what if you lost that person? what if you consumed every piece of them until there was nothing left? they would witness the ultimate sin and still they would smile as you did.

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