Tex ★★★

1982 In Review - July

After their mother dies and their father leaves them, teenage brothers Tex and Mason McCormick struggle to make it on their own.

Matt Dillon  stars in this coming of age drama. The story is of two teenage brothers living together on a small property in Bixby, Oklahoma. Tex (Matt Dillon) is the younger and Mason (Jim Metzler) is the older. Their mother is dead and their father rarely shows up. The brothers are doing everything they can to avoid the clutches of social services. 
Tex and his brother get to be heroes when they apprehend a villain on the run who initially holds them hostage. Later Tex gets involved with a drug dealing friend.
The film is a slice of life drama about young adults. It features some early brat packers, apart from Dillon it also has Emilio Estevez and Meg Tilly. It does feel a bit too contrived and cliched but also shows a direction that Disney were moving away from its family friendly roots.

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