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  • The Thing
  • Le SamouraΓ―
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • The Empire Strikes Back

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  • Golgo 13: The Professional


  • Emperor of the North


  • Horror Hospital


  • Day for Night


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  • Golgo 13: The Professional

    Golgo 13: The Professional


    1983 In Review - May

    After killing the son of a powerful oil tycoon, an infamous hit-man is targeted by American governmental forces and superhuman killers.

    Golgo 13 is a great little anime that is about the worlds greatest hitman, it’s very adult and it’s also very very cool. It could and should have been the start of a franchise with all the different villains that pop up in this one,I bet they could have had a field day…

  • Emperor of the North

    Emperor of the North


    1973 In Review - May

    In 1933, during the Depression, Shack the brutal conductor of the number 19 train has a personal vendetta against the best train hopping hobo tramp in the Northwest, A No. 1.

    Definitely one of those kind of films that don’t get made anymore. Emperor of the North tells the of A No. 1, played by the great Lee Marvin. He’s a hobo in the era of the Great Depression in 1933, but he’s the…

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  • Scanners



    1981 In Review - January

    Scanners are men and women born with incredible telepathic and telekinetic powers. There are many who exercise the benefits of their special gifts in a safe and judicious manner. However, there is a group of renegade scanners who plan to create a race that will rule the world.

    This is a movie that is famous for one scene in particular, the head explosion one, that happens pretty early on. After that there’s not really…

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984



    After seeing countless reviews on here giving this film a good bashing, I went in expecting a film as bad as Green Lantern. This film isn’t anything like that, in fact it’s a lot of fun. I got a very distinct Richard Donner vibe from this it, it Β reminded me a lot of the original Superman film. Nothing too serious and a little goofy. Something that coming after this year has been, is greatly appreciated by me. Of course…