The Conjuring

The Conjuring ★★★★

- I can’t lose you.
- You won’t. Let’s finish this thing together.

Damn… this got me so good. I’ve been hyping myself up to brave The Conjuring for a long time, and it’s as exceptional as people say in it’s building of fear. The majority of jump-scares work efficiently, although some of the demons feel a little silly, but it’s truly Wan’s ability to build suspense that really had me on edge — even when nothing happened, the intensity of the build-up was enough to have me nervous. The premise is haunting, the cast are all great, including the child actors, and the setting is ideal for allowing tons of spooks. The ending does feel a little underwhelming in terms of how scary it is - the rest of the run-time feels a lot more tense than the actual confrontation of the demon. Perhaps I wanted the feeling of a higher risk than what was produced, but I needed a thrill, and The Conjuring undoubtedly delivered.

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