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This review may contain spoilers.

Well, let them hang us then. I was not alive before now anyway.

Finally, I’ve gotten around to third instalment of the Fear Street series! Whilst it’s not as fun as Fear Street: 1978, 1666 definitely improves from the bland 1994, but once again delivers the exact same flaws as the previous two.

The plot continues on with the mystery of Sarah Fier, and how she links into the 1994 timeline. 1666 definitely delivers a neat origin story for her, and creates fantastic links between all the films, both directly and subtly, but I aren’t a fan of the period / horror setting at all. The execution just felt off, mainly due to fact that the old-fashioned theme is ruined by the contemporary dialogue and cringe-worthy accents.

But it’s the third act of this film especially, when we return to 1994, that saves this movie from being completely boring. The climactic mall scene was fantastic, and I would even argue beats out both 1994 and 1978: the killers vs killers fight was genius! Aside from that portion though, the horror was definitely dialled down in this one, which is a shame - where was the suspense, jump-scares, and gore I was hoping for?

The Nick Goode plot twist… I wasn’t ready! Somehow, I was always suspicious of adult Sheriff Goode, but so trustworthy of teenager Goode - hats off to both Ted Sutherland and Ashley Zuckerman, because they both sold it completely! However, the seriousness of this, quite honestly, well-crafted twist was completely ruined by the “Goode is evil” line, along with the pointless, neon graffiti.

All of the cast from both parts return, which I thought worked so well. Whilst all the cast are equally talented, McCabe Slye, in particular, stole the show in 1666, after his solid performance in 1978. My biggest critique is Gillian Jacobs, who just didn’t fit the role at all.

The Fear Street series was a fun, refreshing addition to Netflix, in a time where it desperately needed something new. I think these films would have been even more popular if they were released during Halloween season in October, but they made for a fun Summer watch regardless… roll on the next three instalments!

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